Analytics Tips

5 Analytics Tips:

  1. Learn, Read & Repeat
    Before you dive into your website analytics data, you need to understand what you are look for. Here are some great resources to get you started: Web Analytics 2.0, Google Analytics by O’Reilly, and if you want a great online tutorial try Google’s Conversion University. Now once you get your fill of these you should keep up with the latest in web analytics from these sources: Avanish Kaushik and Google Analytics’ You Tube Channel.
  2. Understand the goals of your business
    What are the goals of your business? What are the goals of your website? Before you can make sense of all the data in your web analytics tool you need to know the answers to these 2 questions so you can judge the effectiveness of your website.
  3. Understand your users
    Lots and lots of website traffic is great but, what about the quality of that traffic? Are your users meeting the goals of your business? Are they buying things? How engaged are they with the website? Once you understand your business goals you can start looking at the data in your web analytics tool to judge whether or not your users are getting what they need from your website.
  4. Is your website analytics tool setup correctly?
    Go back and check EVERYTHING to make sure your website is setup correctly. Your analytics tool is only as good as the data it is receiving from your website. You would be surprised how many times some seemingly small tag can change you analytics data.
  5. Focus on this data:
    Bounce Rate, Page Views Per Visitor, Conversion Rates, Top Referral Sources, Top Keywords, Unique & Returning Visitors. There are many more valuable data points in your web analytics tool but these are the ones that will give you the most actionable information about your users.
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