The Facebook Timeline Brand Survival Guide

I attended the Facebook Marketing Event yesterday at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. At this event Facebook rolled out the NEW Timeline and some new Advertising features.

First, the look is changing on March 30, so you need to create a create horizontal image that visualizes your brand. No promotions or call to actions are allowed! Check out the Top Facebook Timeline Brands selected by Ad Age for inspiration.

Apps/tabs are not dead, in fact they are highlighted better in Timeline:

– 3 thumbnails that are click-able appear under the right of the cover image. You can link to Apps with  a thumbnail and link to “more” and have 12 total Apps.
– This new visual creates a great reason to move forward with the tab  that highlights our show pages with tune in.
– You can still “Like Gate” content with in a Tab/App

Discontinued: Having a “Landing Tab” that users see if they are not a fan of the page will no longer work. Facebook wants users to have a consistent experience.

Timeline Features:
– You can go back and post “milestones”  in the timeline up to 200 years.
– You can also Backdate posts
– You cannot make posts in the future
– When filling the timeline you can avoid spamming fans’ feeds by clicking “don’t distribute”
– Top left section”friends that like this.” Facebook is placing heavy emphasis on friend activity to encourage more conversation.
– Facebook is introducing “official pages” this will solve the problem of fan or fake pages ranking above the official page.

New Ways to Highlight posts:
– You can Pin posts to the top of the timeline so the post you want users to see will appear above the most recent posts.
– You can also “star or favorite” posts so they will appear closer to the top on the page.
– Offers: You can now post offers to fans. Traditionally a coupon but I think we can use this to promote sweeps.

Content and Ads are Now the Same! The lines between what marketers now refer to as paid, owned and earned media are now officially gone. No longer will we be able to think of Ads and Content in silos. All ads in Facebook will begin as content posted to a Page. For now the current text/thumbnail Ads on the right will remain but, this will change very soon!

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