How we talk VS how we write

Isn’t it so much more interesting to hear someone speak about what they do versus read what they put on their resume?
Have you ever visited a website and read the ‘About Us’ section and became even more confused?
Why do companies do this? It wastes your time and their Advertising budget.

Some of you maybe familiar with the fast food brand Chick-fil-A. Their company mission statement is “Be America’s Best Quick-Service Restaurant.” That’s it! Not: “We up hold the highest standard of quality and serve you with prompt customer service…(insert run on sentence).”

Simple and to the point. Why is this so important?

1. Advertising is expensive
2. Consumers have short attention spans, it takes at least 5 times to absorb an idea
3. Consumers are very busy and can be easily distracted by other technologies

Make your ‘About Us’ page in easy to understand language, write it how you talk.

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