How do you know all this stuff?

I get this question a lot. And every time I answer with the truth “I studied and I study every day.”  I get the same loaded “oh.” When they say “oh” it sounds like “Oh… so you didn’t get a degree in this?” As if studying on your own and having real experience is  worthless compared to a MBA. Of course getting an MBA is one heck of an accomplishment. But, being self-motivated and studying on your own is a different kind of accomplishment…

In honor of Seth Godin, I call this Linchpin school… Let’s go to class. Who’s with me?

This post was inspired by:

The hard part by Seth Godin

2 Comments on “How do you know all this stuff?

  1. Ha ha, it’s a common question for online marketing pros all around, especially because the market changes so quickly; it’s hard work keeping up with the latest developments. So since you do teach some of these subjects, if I take your class can I vicariously tell people I’ve learned it from you as a student?

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