How the new Facebook features effect your business.

Like = Share

Facebook recently launched some new features for business pages. Here are 3 new features and how they will effect your business. The question is “How will users react?”

1. Use faceboook as the admin or as yourself
This is great! No real down side here. The ability to like and comment on my company’s posts as myself instead of asnthe company is great. You can now also like other company pages and comment as your company.  Win, Win.

2. The like button is now the same as share
If you haventhe facebook like button on your website or blog post, when users hit the like button they also put in on their own wall. This means it will show up in their friends’ newsfeed. This new feature is great for the companies but, once the users figure this out will they be a little reluctant to use the like button?

3. Facebook comments plugin
This is great for companies! This plugin essentially makes users verify their identities by authenticating who they are via their facebook profile. This is great for preventing comment spam (for now).  It also allows people to comment as a company instead of as an individual.

  • Does it make the user an automatic facebook fan? No
  • Does it posts the comments to the user wall? No, it shares the article and states that the user commented. Their friends have to click to read the article and scroll down to see their comments.

As a company using facebook as a marketing tool we should be excitted. But, I wonder if once users catch on, they will start using the “Like” button less.

What do you think?  Will users start using these features more or less since thensharing features are now enhanced?

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