Does social media change calling in sick?

Social Media & being sickBack in the pre-social media days (circa 2002), you would call your boss with a raspy voice and then go play hooky for the day. Today, social media makes things a lot more complicated especially, if you are connected to co-workers or your boss on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare.

If you are “sick,” these  Social media activities may look suspect:

  • Post fun photos to Facebook and updating your status
  • Tweet about what you are doing on hooky-day
  • Check in anywhere but the doctor’s office on Foursquare

I would venture to say that merely being on Facebook when you are sick may rub your boss or a co-worker  the wrong way. Even if you are at work and you post something on Facebook or Twitter, you do have to be mindful. I have a friend that updated his Facebook status to “Wish this day was over” then joined a staff meeting. The boss called him out in front of everyone.

What do you think? Do you change your Social Media behavior because you are connected to your boss or co-workers?

One Comment on “Does social media change calling in sick?

  1. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Personally, I’m terrified to be on Social Media sites in the workplace. But I’m always shocked when I get home to see that my friends have been posting all day long, and about things happening in the office! It seems that social media is so ingrained in our society now that people get a pass for saying things on there that they wouldn’t get if they actually said outloud.

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