Job Search Tips: Your Social Media Profiles

Google Rourself

If you are searching for a job you probably have spent a ton of time on your resume. But, after you make it to the HR desk, what do you think happens next? Most savvy employers will Google you… Uh Oh

So, Google Yourself:

What comes up? Facebook? Twitter? Foursquare? LinkedIn? What would prospective employers see?

1. Profile Images: Look at your FaceBook profile picture, your Tweets or FourSquare Checkins. Would an HR person think these are appropriate? People have been fired as well as not hired because of what was on their Social Media profiles.

2. Twitter:
Watch your tweets. Did you ever tweet anything bad or a customer service issue? Tweet anything that breaks the no religion/politics rule? Make sure all of that is off your wall. Take down anything you don’t want to be asked about in an interview.

3. Foursquare:
Are you checking into a competing business? Are you checking into strip clubs, churches, political rallies, 10 bars in a night? Stop, remove or hide your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and FourSquare.

It is your choice to censor, hide or stop. But just be mindful. Work and personal lives were at one time easy to separate but, with all the social media openness out there, it is a fuzzy line.

How to Hide Your Social Media Profiles:

How to Set Facebook Privacy Settings

1. Log In
2. Click “Settings” on the top right of the screen
3. Go to the “Account” tab and check “Protect my updates”
4. Click SAVE
More Info

How to set FourSquare Privacy Settings

After you clean that up, setup a Google alert so you can keep tabs on your online image.

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