LinkedIn: Not your online resume-your online elevator pitch.

Your LinkedIn Profile is not your online resume it is your online elevator pitch. But before you get your 30 seconds to pitch, you have to be found in LinkedIn search results. You must get your profile 100% complete and then you can make it stand out. Here are some basics and some tips that will get you LinkedIn inbox full with new networking connections and inquires from prospective employers.


Get your profile to 100% Complete:

  • A current position
  • 2 past positions
  • Education
  • Profile summary
  • A profile photo
  • Specialties
  • At least 3 recommendations

 Don’t just copy/paste your resume  keep it brief and interesting:

  • Do some keyword research about your career field and find some buzz words. Use them in your profile so you will be found in keyword searches. Use these sites for research: 
  • Use a progessional photo. No cropped bar photos or group photos.
  • Have a good Headline… Tell people what you do and how you can help them
  • Update your status weekly and/or use Twitter 

Use Applications:

  • Tripit is a good one for business travel
  • Put a Blog Feed in your LinkedIn Profile
  • Add a Reading List
  • Presentations
  • See more


  • Get some recommendations and give some recomendations. Make sure they are well thought out and give actual examples not just “she is great”


  • Join groups and interact/ answer questions- contribute something meaningful
  • Read status updates of your connections and use that to stay in touch. Especially if they change jobs
  • Connect with people you know or people you have done business with. 

More Tips/Resourses

Have more tips? Comment Below.

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