Dear Facebook: I am afraid of the “like” button

Every time I like a friend’s photo or comment on anything I get an email/notification when someone else does too. I do not know these friends of friends and I do not want 30 emails when I give someone a thumbs up on a picture!

Think about it Facebook, you are not encouraging interactions between friends. You are punishing interaction and discouraging future interactions by flooding us with emails. Because of this, I (and have noticed others) have resorted to writing directly on friends’ walls rather than commenting on a photo or a status update.

Also consider how this will discourage fans from interacting on business pages on Facebook. When businesses ask for feedback or post some great information, fans will be discouraged from interacting because of the influx of emails they will receive from complete strangers.

SolutionA better solution would be to ASK us if we want these notifications! Let us check a box! Sometimes we want to say “Congrats” and not hear anything else. Other times we may want to see every comment about someone’s Wedding Photos.

Bottom line, let us decide.

One Comment on “Dear Facebook: I am afraid of the “like” button

  1. I agree. I recently decided to congratulate someone I know on his wedding announcement on his Wall because I didn’t want to be inundated with the Likes — as I did last time I fell into this trap. Not cool. I instead opted to send him a direct message.

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