Is it rude to take notes on your smart phone?

Notes v smartphone

Retro note taking at Google Affiliate Conference, Chicago, IL

In conferences especially I see people typing on their laptops, net books, iPads and even smart phones. It seems that all except the later have become common at seminars and meetings as an acceptable medium for note taking but, what about smart phones?

Well, I do not think we are there yet. Even though there are great apps for note taking like Evernote, the perception is that if you are on your smart phone you are not paying attention.

Being at dinner with a friend and using your smart phone too much = rude

In company meetings you will see people sporadically looking at their smart phone to check email = acceptable

But imagine someone typing on their smart phone during a one-on-one meeting… Even if they are taking notes, the perception is that they are not paying attention.

Is it still rude to be on your smart phone during a meeting? What do you think?

One Comment on “Is it rude to take notes on your smart phone?

  1. I think that if the people in the meeting knew you were taking notes, it would be just fine. Otherwise, it depends on what people think is rude and how they react to rudeness. If only everyone could just understand…

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