The era of openness in Social Media. What does it mean for your business?

Notes in 1995 versus 2010 on Twitter

The new note passing

Social media openness really surprises me these days. Not that I am not “with it” I text, tweet , blog, etc. I think my generation and previous generations really valued privacy and boundaries. The younger end of Gen Y seems to place much more value on openness. I see tweets and Facebook posts about everything from relationship issues to illness (with graphic detail, posts by kids who don’t agree with their parents and tweets about what someone ate for dinner.

As a business, you should be watching out for is this:

These people who are so open in social media about all these very personal aspects of their life are also going to express their good and bad experiences with your company in these areas. (YIKES) Yes, they will post to their friends on Facebook about a restaurant that made them sick and they will tweet if you keep them on hold too long. This is not some far off prediction, this is happening now.

Don’t believe me? Go to Twitter and search for #customerservicefail

So what do you do?
I have seen customer service requests come through social media at SpaFinder. The best thing you can do is respond to them, don’t just ignore it. These areas are a public forum; if you acknowledge them publically you will get points from all the people who see it. I respond back, saying that I am sorry they are having issues and I ask them to send me more information. I pass that information onto the Customer Service team and then a follow up to make sure that person’s issue was addressed.

Seems like this is here to stay and becoming more common but don’t be scared embrace it. If you don’t your competitors will!

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