Self promote: If you don’t think you rock, why should they?

People get scared to put themselves out there because they think only the best person deserves it. And they doubt that they could possibly be the best. Politicians for example, do you really think that was the best of the best? Probably not, odds are there as someone better who just didn’t speak up.

Is there a job at work that you want but they are hiring from the outside? Ask for it. Put together some valid reasons for them considering you, remind them of your background and be assertive.

You can even offer to earn it: Do the job for the same pay, produce results and then ask for the compensation later.

Fake it till you make it. Does the job require skills that you need to brush up on? The internet is a wealth of knowledge full of free information and training: YouTube how to videos, bloggers, only training and more… get to work!

Oh no you say!? “That is dishonest and not representing myself correctly…” Ask your self this: would you rather have a lazy genius working for you or an someone with average knowledge who is motivated, driven and ready to do whatever it takes to be successful?

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