Social Media: Ads on Facebook

Facebook Ads

“Keep it simple stupid” is the saying, and it is very true with Facebook ads! Let’s face it, people (especially when they are on Facbook) DO NOT want to be advertised to. They just want to look at friends photos, read comments, see whos doing what, see who got fat and play FarmTown…. Ads get ignored. However, don’t get sad, people LOVE to like things!

If you have a brand that is identifiable and relatable people will “like” it.
Just keep these tips in mind:

1. The worst thing you can do in a Facebook Ad campaign is have an ad that clicks through to another website, keep them on Facebook.

2. They only reasons you should be running ads on Facebook is to: Get more Facebook fans. Or  Get people to signup/purchase a REALLY great offer.

3. If you are running Ads to get fans, I would do a “Promote this page’ Ad. This way if someone clicks the “like” button, they are liking your fan page, not your ad.

4. Target your advertising campaign. Don’t waste your money or their time. You can target by country, gender, language, relationship status, education, other brands they like and more.

Check out Victoria Secret’s campaign and see how they got over 3 million Facebook fans.

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