FaceBook Campaign: Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret panties you get for Liking them on FaceBookI am working on a campaign to get more fans for SpaFinder on Facebook (click here to Like SpaFinder). So I went looking for some great FaceBook campaigns, I love this one:

Victoria Secret:
The campaign Victoria Secret did is amazing. They wanted to get to 3 million FaceBook fans, so their campaign was to give a coupon away to all their fans for the free panty you see here. (I got them!). I love how the used their brand and the FaceBook lingo to come up with a giveaway that is unique to this campaign. They are now at 3 million fans!

Why did it work?
It worked because the brand is already well known but more importantly, they had a great offer.

Why is it great for Victoria Secret’s bottom line?
1. It didn’t really cost them a lot. The coupon is for a free panty (cheap to make) with a purchase of $10.50.  Gift with purchase is a very low cost giveaway.

2. This got a lot of people to think about the brand. And now they have a lot more people to promote to on FaceBook.

3. A percentage of those people will go into the store and spend at least $10.50 to get the free panty. Note: not very many things in the store are that price. When I went in I a spent $85.

What do FaceBook fans mean anyway?
More Reach. The value in fans numbers are not in them as much as it is their 100+ friends. Anytime they hit the like button or comment, their friends see it in there news feeds. Do the math on the reach of the 3 million fans that Victoria secret now has….

But my brand is small
Doesn’t matter. It is about getting potential customers to pay attention to you where they already are… on FaceBook. Now keep in mind, they are on FaceBook to look at photos and catch up with their friends, not to be advertised to. So when you do communicate make sure it is a conversation that has alot of value in it for them or they won’t listen.

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