RSS feeds can make you smarter!

RSS Feed ReaderWe all have the best intentions when we find a great blog or website. We subscribe to the email list or to the RSS feed… and then we NEVER read them again. Why? Because we don’t have time to go all those websites every day.

I have the solution: Google Alerts, Google Reader and an RSS Feed Reader for your phone are tools that can make you smarter! Here are the 5 steps:

  1. Go to and sign into your google account.
  2. Go to a blog and click the RSS subscribe icon. You can always find it in the address bar or on front page of the blog:
RSS Subscribe Button

RSS Subscribe Button on Blog Page

RSS Subscribe Button in Address Bar

RSS Subscribe Button in Address Bar

3. Choose Google Reader from the drop down:

Google Reader Selection

Choose Google Reader

4. Put anRSS feed reader app on your smart phone. Search your the App Store on your phone, here are some popular feed readers:

    – Andriod: News Rob
    – iPhone: Google Reader App
    – Blackberry: RSS Reader

5. Read the RSS feed of the Blogs when you have down-time, instead of playing solitaire. Read them on the subway, on the bus, waiting in line for coffee, etc.

Keeping up with the blogs will keep your creative juices flowing and make you more savvy about you industry! Here are some blogs I follow:
* Tech Crunch
* Blog Catalog
* Copy Blogger
* Mashable
* Reach Personal Branding

See my previous posts about using Google Alerts to get noticed online and keep up with your competitors.

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