Should we censor our social media updates?

Social Media Status UpdateShould managers take our personal status updates with a grain of salt or should we censor ourselves?

I remember visiting my mom at work and she used to have funny Garfield cartoons about work hanging up… are social media updates the same or taking it a step further?

My personal strategy is to make sure that whatever I put in the status updates would be appropriate for everyone from my best friend to my mom to my boss.

A few of my FaceBook friends that have worked with me or do work with me now. Even if you do not have any co-worker FB friends, you still should be aware that potential employers can see Twitter updates and LinkedIn statuses…

Some Akward Status Updates for the boss:

Vent-fest with Lisa (co-worker)

Not only did you tell the world you were upset about work… You dragged Lisa down with you.

I don’t want to be here, wish it was the weekend”

I am SOOO Bored” (10:34am Monday)

Have you ever posted anything you regretted? Do you think managers should ignore or should we keep our social media appropriate for all audiences?

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