Are you a humble-hero?

By Gracey Newman
I was reading an SEO Book article (great resource BTW) about the Top 10 SEOs, the author talks about how some SEOs spend more time marketing themselves as a brand and less time actually doing SEO. The article makes a great point but it got me thinking…

There are some very talented individuals out there who have what I call humble-hero mentality. Humble-hero mentality is a recurring theme in the Disney fairy tales. This is when the hero of the story never “brags” about his accomplishments but at the end of the story his good deeds are magically realized.

Yes there are people who brag about what they can do more than they actual DO what they do. -None of us want to be one of those. But this is the real world people, you have to tell people what your accomplishments are and what your value is. Odds are people are not going to see it on their own. You have to spoon feed people about what you are worth and what value you can bring to them and their company.

So don’t be a humble-hero… just brag, a little.

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