Focus on you

By Gracey Newman
Focus on you and your goals. Yes, this sounds very selfish but, think about it… You can have the most impact on your organization if you just accomplish your own goals.
Quit worrying about things that you cannot control and prioritize your goals.

1. Focus on what you can control

It does not help you to get involved in things that do not directly effect your job and your goals. Don’t worry too much about things that are someone else’s focus/goal. Of course there are exceptions but overall take care of your stuff first. Don’t waste energy and get yourself all worked up over things that you cannot have any impact on. Save that energy for your goals, you will be much happier and more productive.

2. Prioritize: If everything is important then nothing is important

There are TONs of things that you need to do everyday and there are many things that do directly effect your goals. But, you still have to rank something first and something last. Sounds scary but trust me, you will be more focused and get more done this way. Think of this order as a compass, if the thing you are working on does not DIRECTLY impact your goal stop and refocus.

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