Personal Branding: Get Noticed Online

Pick Me Donkey from ShreckIf you want to get noticed you are going to have to be creative and strategic. See my previous post about using Google Alerts.

Here are some ideas:

Write about your idol or someone you want to notice you in your blog.

Think about the people you admire in your industry or companies you want to work for.  Write something thoughtful and insightful and link to them. I bet they have Google Alerts setup for their name or their company name. I know I check these all the time for SpaFinder.

Write about a company that you want to work for or that you want to do business with.

Is your dream to work at FoodNetwork, HGTV, or a local Advertising agency? Is there a potential client that you want to notice your company? Write something well-researched and thoughtful. Write about their competitors and give them some free advice. Then link to the company in the blog post. You can even take it one step further by sending the head of the department the link to your blog.

If you write something worthy, thoughtful and relevant, they will notice you. Your online identity is your new resume – be innovative and set yourself apart.

Have you tried this? Comment below.

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