iPad Review: Its no Uni-tasker

iPad side viewI got to do some testing on an iPad because SpaFinder has one, YAY! I thought it would feel like a giant iPhone but, I was surprised that I did not think of it that way. I felt like a more manageable laptop or net book.

I agree with Matt Cutts that 90% of people will love the iPad. I AM part of that 90% but, since I already have NexusOne and a Kindle, I am not sure that it is a practical purchase (sigh). The iPad is however a good option to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a netbook, laptop or even a Kindle. I love my Kindle but it is a uni-tasker (Alton Brown is against these).  Technology is moving away from one-function wonders. Take iPod to the iTouch for example. If people are in the market for a portable electronic reader and there is a device that allows them to read plus listen to music, play games and surf the web, that one will probably be the most appealing. Kindle better step up their music feature…

Of course the picture is amazing. Using the internet (not in the subway) and playing games on the iPad is great. Using the touch screen to navigate the internet feels very comfortable
(I hate mice). Social media websites work very well on the iPad- no App required. Since Social media has surpassed porn as the #1 activity on the web, the iPad’s usability is a very good thing!

Reading on the iPad for an extended period may be uncomfortable on the eyes. The Kindle has the advantage here in weight and in reading comfort. The iPad does feel a little heavy and is akward to hold with one hand. But you can lay it flat and work with ease.

I would wait for more revisions to the iPad but, overall I think it could be a big threat to the technology uni-taskers.

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