Personal Branding: Give it away for free

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? True in personal matters (cough) – But when it comes to self promotion, give it ALL away for free.
Free milk

Saving that juicy bit of information for that one crucial moment? An interview? A book? A meeting with the boss? STOP! Tell people now and repeat yourself, again and again. This is advertising people! It takes 3-6 times for someone to listen and understand your message. If you wait for that one special moment, no one will be listening.

“But, people won’t pay for it.” Not true. Avinash Kaushik (he is kinda a big deal at Google) says “People all around the world buy free stuff.” Most  of the content in his book is available for FREE in his blog and yet his books are still best sellers.

Promote Yourself:

Start a blog (I did), tell people what you know and position yourself as an expert. If you bring valuable information, one day people will pay for more of it (I.E. raise, book deal, new job offer, etc). Visit my SEO Guide for Blogs.

Promote Your Business:

Write a white paper or an ebook with great information and give it away on your website for free. Don’t require an email address at first, why?: David Meerman Scott, Speaker at SES New York: “Would you rather have 50 people read your stuff or 1?”

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