Personal Branding: Your Online Identity

Online Identity

What is your Online Brand Image?
Google yourself, (I’ll wait). Did your social media profiles, website, Google Profile, appear on the first page? Did you dominate the results? Make sure you show up and make sure that the content you want to show up portrays the brand image you want.

Have a common name?
If your name is John Smith you may have some issues standing out. You can do what I did: There are a few Grace Newman’s that do Marketing. So, I decided to go by my nickname Gracey Newman… no competition there.

Get some professional photos made to represent you online
Photography students will do this for cheep or for beer money. Use these photos for your Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google Profile, etc. This will look much better than a cropped group photo from a bar or restaurant. Potential employers will Google you… on FaceBook they may only be able to see your profile picture- make sure it reflects your brand.

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