Self Promotion: carrying your gadgets

Kindle, ipad, nexus one

We have all heard the cliche: Right Place, Right Time, but, Right Gadget?

I’ve had a few great conversations on the subway because of the gadgets I was using, namely my Kindle and my Nexus One.  We even exchanged contact information, connected on LinkedIn and followed each other on Twitter. And I am talking about some valuable contacts, like a marketing person at an Amazon-owned company.

Note: If you are wearing headphones, no one will talk to you.

One person asked me how I liked my Kindle. We started talking about Kindle vs iPad and which was better for reading. Turns out he works for an Amazon-owned company.

I have also had a few people ask me about my Nexus One. Turns out one person owned a Financial Consulting Company and needed some SEO/Online Marketing advice.

So factor this into your purchasing decisions next time you are thinking about buying the next new gadget! This applies to photographers too! Carry your gadgets, use them on the subway and be ready for some engaging and career-beneficial conversations.

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