SEO Guide for Blogs and Writers

If you actually want your content to be read by people, you will need to use these SEO Guidelines.

Useing Keywords in Blogs for SEO

  1. Write about a topic that will be interesting to the readers.“Ask yourself what creates value for your users,” sayeth Google
  2. No duplicate content!
    Write 100% unique content. Don’t copy from other parts of your site or someone elses’. It is just like school people, the teacher would give you an F for this, only now the teacher is Google. If you must use content that is on another website:  use an excerpt, give that website credit and link to the original content.
  3. Pick the keyword phrase people actually search for:
    Dont’ guess (you are probably wrong), research. Ask yourself, “What would I type in to find an article like this on Google?” then plug the keyword into a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Tool to see what people actual search for and adjust your keyword phrase.
  4. Put the keyword phrase in the URL:
    -dashes are easier for the search engines to read than _underscores (Why? Because Matt Cutts says so).
  5. Use keyword phrases in the Title and Description meta tags.
    View the source code of a web page and look at the <title> and <description> tags.  Example:
    <title>Widgets in New York City
    <description> Search widgets available in New York City. Find widgets deals and reviews.Make sure you keyword phrases are in these areas, this is how the search engine finds out what the page or article is about.

6.  Blog Post Title and Page Title
Put the keyword phrase you are targeting in the title, the title needs to tell the reader EXACTLY what the page/section is about. Do not be too cute in the title, save that for the article   text.

7. Images
Hyperlink the images in the blog post to relevant pages in the website. Use Alt Tags describing what is in the image.

8. Use Keywords in the content:
Use keywords in the blog text where they are appropriate and hyperlink relevant pages in the web site. Weave them into the text naturally, as a general guide use the keyword phrase you are writing about in these sections:

  • first paragraph
  • headings/sub headings. View the source code of the web page and make sure <h1>, <h2>, etc is labled correctly
  • bullet list (if there is one)
  • hyperlink  text with keywords , instead of “Click here to see our widgets” do this: Click here to see our widgets

If you follow these SEO Guidelines, we will be on your way to being found by the search engines and you will be writing content that really benefit the user.

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