Personal Branding: What does your brand look like?

Name Tag of Inigo Montoya

What does your appearance say about you? You don’t have to wear a suit or even tuck in your shirt. But you should think about what you wear to work or to meet clients and how it reflects your personal brand. If you want to be perceived as a professional then you will need to dress that way.

A lot of work places have moved to a business casual or even casual dress code. This makes it even more temping to ignore your brand and your appearance. If you work place has casual dress code and you show up in a suit someone may award you a badge like this one -a little social media humor:

Douchebag Badge from FourSquare

However, you should think twice about the beer logo t-shirts or anything too trendy/faddy.  Also, ladies, if you want to be perceived as professional and respected, please keep your nighttime and your work-time wardrobe separate…

Final note, just make sure the brand you want to communicate is being enforced visually. People start forming an opinion of you within the first 3 seconds.

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