Personal Branding 101: YOU are a brand

When I say you are a brand, don’t digress back to high school. Personal branding is not about a popularity contest. Personal branding is about how others see you and how that aligns with your personal/professional goals.

So, what does your appearance, speech and actions say about you to others? Like most people, you don’t know the answers but, the first step (if you care) is to think about the questions.

As my first blog post, I thought the topic of Personal Branding would be the most appropriate (obviously I am into it). Although, none of my tips are revelational, it is so hard to focus on ourselves these days and I would like to help you put your personal brand together. I will discuss these topics on Personal Branding:

  1. What does your brand look like: Your Appearance
  2. What does your brand sound like: What you say and how you say it
  3. Be your own personal PR Department: Promote yourself
  4. and more…

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One Comment on “Personal Branding 101: YOU are a brand

  1. Congrats on starting the blog. First and foremost with personal branding is establishing what your core foundation is. What I call appointing the VP’s of your life ;
    Vision, Purpose, Values and Passions.

    Sometimes it is easier if you are looking to get started to work with the Values and Passions as they are more immediately relevant to us and we think about them regularly.

    Just my toonies worth!

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